Update : 2022-05-09 12:13:48
Offer of withdrawn banknotes
Wholesale price
lithuanian litas lithuanian litasLTL1.1400
Detal price
lithuanian litasLTL0.9500

Lithuanian Litas

Buying and selling price Lithuanian Litas in Exchange Office MAX Katowice.

Current banknotes

awers 50 ltl
rewers 50 ltl
awers 10 ltl
rewers 10 ltl
awers 20 ltl
rewers 20 ltl
awers 100 ltl
rewers 100 ltl
awers 500 ltl
rewers 500 ltl
awers 200 ltl
rewers 200 ltl
awers 1 ltl
rewers 1 ltl
awers 2 ltl
rewers 2 ltl
awers 5 ltl
rewers 5 ltl
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