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Wholesale price
euro euro EUR4.68504.7190
dollar dollar USD4.34004.3680
british pound british pound GBP5.31005.3700
czech crown czech crown CZK0.19580.1995
swiss franc swiss franc CHF4.68004.7170
danish krone danish krone DKK0.61100.6320
croatian kuna croatian kuna HRK0.58500.6100
ukrainian hryvnia ukrainian hryvnia UAH0.09700.1069
Detal price
euro euro EUR4.6600 4.7200
dollar dollar USD4.3100 4.3690
british pound british pound GBP5.2700 5.3750
czech crown czech crown CZK0.1940 0.1999
swiss franc swiss franc CHF4.6600 4.7200
hungarian forint hungarian forint (100) HUF1.1700 1.2400
australian dollar australian dollar AUD2.9800 3.1600
canadian dollar canadian dollar CAD3.2100 3.3300
bulgarian lev bulgarian lev BGN2.3000 2.4400
norwegian krona norwegian krona NOK0.4170 0.4390
danish krone danish krone DKK0.6000 0.6350
chinese yuan chinese yuan CNY0.6100 0.6800
israeli shekel israeli shekel ILS1.2500 1.3800
japanese yen japanese yen JPY0.0330 0.0369
thai baht thai baht THB0.1361 0.1480
romanian leu romanian leu RON0.9300 1.0200
russian ruble russian ruble RUB0.0470 0.0630
swedish krona swedish krona SEK0.4000 0.4240
turkish lira turkish lira TRY0.2300 0.2690
croatian kuna croatian kuna HRK0.5000 0.6150
ukrainian hryvnia ukrainian hryvnia UAH0.0920 0.1079
egyptian pound egyptian pound EGP0.1460 0.2550
mexican peso mexican peso MXN0.2000 0.2690
albanian lek albanian lek ALL0.0380 0.0438
uae dirham uae dirham AED1.1650 1.3190
icelandic krona icelandic krona (100) ISK2.7000 3.1500
georgian lari georgian lari GEL1.5800 1.7800
macedonian denar macedonian denar MKD0.0780 0.0990
serbian dinar serbian dinar RSD0.0370 0.0490
tunisian dinar tunisian dinar TND1.3000 1.6000
moldovan leu moldovan leu MDL0.1500 0.2700
indian rupee indian rupee INR0.0400 0.0680
bosnia-herzegovina mark bosnia-herzegovina mark BAM2.2500 2.6000
brazilian real brazilian real BRL0.8300 0.9800
chilean pesochilean peso CLP0.00370.0055
dominican pesodominican peso DOP0.08000.1100
indonesian rupiahindonesian rupiah (100) IDR0.02500.0370
jordanian dinarjordanian dinar JOD6.05007.5000
kenyan shillingkenyan shilling KES0.03150.0500
South Korean wonSouth Korean won (100) KRW0.30000.4500
maldivian rufiyaamaldivian rufiyaa MVR0.23000.4000
malaysian ringgitmalaysian ringgit MYR0.80001.1500
New Zealand dollarNew Zealand dollar NZD2.55003.0500
omani rialomani rial OMR9.500013.9000
peruvian solperuvian sol PEN1.10001.4000
south african randsouth african rand ZAR0.23000.3500
cape verdean escudocape verdean escudo CVE0.03500.0550
seychellois rupeeseychellois rupee SCR0.26000.4500
singapore dollarsingapore dollar SGD3.02003.4500
taiwan dollartaiwan dollar TWD0.07000.2000
vietnamese dongvietnamese dong (100) VND0.01700.0300
Coins (USD dolar : banknotes 1 $)
euro EUR 3.0000 4.7190
dollar USD 4.3100 5.0000
british pound GBP 3.5000 5.3700
czech crown CZK 0.1100 0.1999
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Currency Exchange MAX Katowice

40-095 Katowice
ul. Stawowa 10 in the gate


If you want to exchange larger amount, let us know in advance and we will prepare it for you for a specific date and time.

reklama chf 8

we buy banknotes 8 Swiss Franc series

Withdrawn banknotes wholesale price
swiss franc 8 series swiss franc 8 seriesCHF84.4220
withdraw english pound withdraw english poundGBP5.1100
withdrawn danish krone withdrawn danish kroneDKK0.5670
withdrawn czech crown withdrawn czech crownCZK0.1380
withdrawn japanese yen withdrawn japanese yenJPY0.0219
withdrawn canadian dollar withdrawn canadian dollarCAD3.0750
withdrawn norwegian krone withdrawn norwegian kroneNOK0.4020
withdrawn swiss francs withdrawn swiss francsCHF4.3520
withdrawn hungarian forint withdrawn hungarian forintHUF0.0083
Falkland pound Falkland poundFKP4.8970
Guernsey pound Guernsey poundGGP4.8970
Irish pound Irish poundIEP4.8970
Jersey pound Jersey poundJEP4.8970
pound scots pound scotsSCP4.9500
manx pound manx poundIMP4.8970
german mark german markDEM1.8480
withdrawn irish pound withdrawn irish poundIES4.8970
Estonia korona Estonia koronaEEK0.2700
belgian franc belgian francBEF0.0810
slovak koruna slovak korunaSKK0.1090
austrian schilling austrian schillingATS0.2390
latvian lats latvian latsLVL5.6110
lithuanian litas lithuanian litasLTL1.1420
luxembourgish francs luxembourgish francsLUF0.0910
slovenia tolar slovenia tolarSIT0.0170
Withdrawn banknotes detal price
swiss franc 8 series CHF84.2100
withdraw english pound GBP5.0500
withdrawn danish krone DKK0.5400
withdrawn czech crown CZK0.1320
withdrawn japanese yen JPY0.0214
withdrawn canadian dollar CAD2.2200
withdrawn norwegian krone NOK0.3700
withdrawn swiss francs CHF3.7400
withdrawn hungarian forint HUF0.0060
Falkland pound FKP4.5800
Guernsey pound GGP4.5800
Irish pound IEP4.5800
Jersey pound JEP4.5800
pound scots SCP4.5800
manx pound IMP4.5800
german mark DEM1.7500
withdrawn irish pound IES3.9900
Estonia korona EEK0.1920
belgian franc BEF0.0700
slovak koruna SKK0.0500
austrian schilling ATS0.3300
latvian lats LVL4.8800
lithuanian litas LTL0.9500
luxembourgish francs LUF0.0880
slovenia tolar SIT0.0170
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You working abroad?
Exchange currency without leaving home or office.
Security transactions of any amount.
Safe journey without a large amount of cash

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Attractive exchange rate independent of the exchanged amount.
Quick time of the transaction.
High security

Repay loan?
Paying installments at an attractive rate, save up to 7%.
No additional fees and charges.
Comfortable, safe and secure repayment of the loan

Location of the exchange office

Location currency exchange :
You can find us, The gate between ING BANK and bookshop Matras.

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