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Wholesale Reserve

Wholesale prices are valid for transactions above PLN 7,000.

Valid from Monday to Friday from: 9:00-17:00 except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Currency Purchase Sale
british poundGBP4.97005.0200
czech crownCZK0.17020.1735
swiss francCHF4.28004.3450
norwegian kronaNOK0.30100.3250
swedish kronaSEK0.36200.3720

Detal price

Currency Purchase Sale
british poundGBP4.95005.0250
czech crownCZK0.17000.1738
swiss francCHF4.28004.3650
hungarian forint (100) HUF1.10001.1440
australian dollarAUD2.55002.6490
canadian dollarCAD2.84002.9490
bulgarian levBGN2.18002.3390
norwegian kronaNOK0.29000.3390
danish kroneDKK0.50200.5500
chinese yuanCNY0.54000.6390
israeli shekelILS0.85001.0550
japanese yenJPY0.02550.0284
thai bahtTHB0.11000.1250
romanian leuRON0.86000.9600
swedish kronaSEK0.35000.3790
turkish liraTRY0.12800.1390
ukrainian hryvniaUAH0.09300.1020
egyptian poundEGP0.08000.1300
mexican pesoMXN0.22000.2680
dominican pesoDOP0.05800.0855
albanian lekALL0.04350.0459
uae dirhamAED1.05101.1490
icelandic kronaISK0.02500.0287
georgian lariGEL1.45001.5999
macedonian denarMKD0.06900.0880
tunisian dinarTND1.22001.4900
indian rupeeINR0.04200.0590
brazilian realBRL0.75000.9400
chilean pesoCLP0.00250.0054
Hong Kong dollarHKD0.40780.5883
tanzanian shillingTZS0.00100.0023

Coins (USD dolar : banknotes 1 $)

Currency Purchase Sale
euroEUR 3.0000 4.2790
dollarUSD 3.9010 4.8500
british poundGBP 3.5000 4.9900
czech crownCZK 0.0900 0.1725
swiss francCHF 3.0000 4.4000

We issue the evidence of buying and selling currencies for companies.

Currency Exchange MAX Katowice

40-095 Katowice
ul. Stawowa 10 in the gate


Withdrawn banknotes wholesale prices

CurrencyPurchase Sale
swiss franc 8 seriesCHF84.14004.3200
withdraw english poundGBP4.81604.9400
withdrawn czech crownCZK0.14600.1730
withdrawn norwegian kroneNOK0.1510
withdrawn canadian dollarCAD2.47902.6800
withdrawn swiss francsCHF4.03804.3100
withdrawn hungarian forintHUF0.00650.0114
Falkland poundFKP4.62204.9400
Guernsey poundGGP4.62204.9400
Irish poundIEP4.62204.9400
pound Northern IrelandIEP4.62204.9400
pound scotsSCP4.75204.9100
Jersey poundJEP4.62204.9400
manx poundIMP4.62204.9400
german markDEM1.84502.1500
Estonia koronaEEK0.21700.2600
belgian francBEF0.07400.1070
slovak korunaSKK0.08700.1520
latvian latsLVL5.07006.1400
lithuanian litasLTL1.00701.2100
withdrawn croatian kunaHRK0.43500.5400
slovenia tolarSIT0.01300.0180

Currencies withdrawn from circulation Detail prices

CurrencyPurchase Sale
swiss franc 8 seriesCHF83.91004.3200
withdraw english poundGBP4.57004.9600
withdrawn czech crownCZK0.09700.1730
withdrawn norwegian kroneNOK0.1000
withdrawn canadian dollarCAD2.14002.9100
withdrawn swiss francsCHF3.42004.3300
withdrawn hungarian forintHUF0.00340.0115
Falkland poundFKP4.22004.9600
Guernsey poundGGP4.22004.9600
Irish poundIEP4.22004.9600
pound Northern IrelandIEP4.22004.9600
pound scotsSCP4.22004.9200
Jersey poundJEP4.22004.9600
manx poundIMP4.22004.9600
german markDEM1.52002.1600
Estonia koronaEEK0.16300.2600
belgian francBEF0.06300.1080
slovak korunaSKK0.10100.1550
latvian latsLVL4.41006.2000
lithuanian litasLTL0.69001.2600
withdrawn croatian kunaHRK0.40000.5500
slovenia tolarSIT0.01300.0180
Exchange rates placed on the website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of and represent only the information for the clients.

Currency exchange office Katowice best currency rates!

Welcome to the website of the MAX currency exchange office in Katowice, where we present current prices of over 170 world currencies, including withdrawn banknotes. The tables present wholesale, retail and coin prices. Our currency exchange office also buys withdrawn banknotes, we are particularly interested in withdrawn Swiss franc banknotes - the full offer is presented in the left part of the website.

MAX currency exchange offer

Exchange via bank accounts

Do you work abroad?

  • Exchange currency without leaving your home or office.
  • Secure transactions of any amount.
  • Safe travel without a lot of cash in your wallet.

Do you run a company?

  • Attractive exchange rate regardless of the amount exchanged.
  • Fast transaction time.
  • High security.
  • High security.

Are you paying off the loan?

  • Repaying installments at an attractive rate, you save up to 7%.
  • No additional fees or commissions.
  • Convenient, safe and reliable loan repayment.

General information

We accept orders for any currency from our table, in any amount, at the exchange rate agreed with the exchange office employee. Our guarantee of receipt is a deposit of approximately 10% of the order value, which should be paid immediately after arrangements to our company's bank account or in cash at the exchange office. Regular customers can reserve the rate at which the currency will be purchased by the exchange office by phone for a period agreed with the exchange office employee.

Offer for companies

Guarantees of receiving the best current price. Possibility to order currencies at a set exchange rate on the same day or for the next day. Company receipts are issued for each transaction. We approach each customer individually, regardless of the amount they want to exchange. We are able to offer a better price than the competition. If you are a frequent customer of our outlet, ask for a Loyalty Card.

Conduct transactions without leaving home!!!
MAX currency exchange offices invite customers and exchange offices to cooperate in the purchase and sale of currencies through bank accounts from anywhere in Poland and in the world without leaving home or company and, of course, in cash at the exchange office. Save by repaying loan installments in Euro, SWISS FRANK CHF, AMERICAN DOLLARS, ENGLISH POUNDS GBP via KANTOR MAX directly to your CREDIT ACCOUNT without leaving your HOME or COMPANY low exchange rates with KANTORÓW MAX - big savings.

Cooperation with other currency exchange offices
We invite other currency exchange offices from the Silesian Voivodeship and neighboring countries to cooperate with our branches in the sale and purchase of currencies - we guarantee the best prices. We would like to establish cooperation with currency exchange offices in Chorzów, Bytom, Rybnik, Racibórz, Wodzisław Śląski, Żory, Tychy, Siemianowice Śląskie, Gliwice, Tarnowskie Góry and Dąbrowa Górnicza and other cities. We invite you to cooperate! If you are interested, please contact us directly at the telephone number provided earlier.

Cash Transactions
Due to the high fluctuations of many means of payment on the market, we set the price at a local point. For those who want to fix the price over the phone, they can make a deposit to secure the current rate. Of course, the deposit is not binding in any way and can be collected at any time, but when an exchange is declared, the customer is obliged to complete it. On site, regardless of what is on the board, the exchange is carried out at the exchange rate determined over the phone. For significant amounts, we offer the possibility of concluding futures transactions.

MAX Exchange Office Network
Our company has currency exchange offices located in several main cities in Silesia, i.e. in Katowice, Rybnik and Racibórz, we have been operating on the market for over fifteen years - the first point was opened in Racibórz, where our company also sells tourist services, plane and coach tickets and insurance has its own headquarters. Honesty, professionalism and discretion are our advantages, we work on our image and try to satisfy every client. The employees are professional and experienced staff with many years of experience, which guarantees a high level of services and professional help and advice. Our currency exchange offices are located in city centers. The company's many years of activity and success have resulted in receiving prestigious awards, including the Family Businesses of the Year 2011 Newsweek award for increased sales dynamics and Forbes Diamonds 2011 and this year 2021. We cordially invite you to our points in Silesia in Katowice, Rybnik, Żory and Racibórz and use our services.

The location of the currency exchange office

You'll find us :
Next to ING Bank Śląski. Parking: in the underground car park of Galeria Katowicka - 3 hours free of charge. You leave on level 0 and exit on ul. 3 Maja go to the promenade, Stawowa Street, just behind the Mountain Warehouse store, 1st gate on the right.

Working in an exchange office
We will hire a person for the position of a currency cashier, a completed currency-PLN exchange rate is welcome. If you are interested, please contact us by sending a message to the following e-mail address: praca.kantor.katowice@maax.pl

Exchange rates
List of the most important currencies supported by exchange offices in Katowice.

Euro exchange rate
It is set by currency exchange office employees (currency cashiers) on an ongoing basis, so the website shows the current price, which can of course be negotiated depending on the amount you have. The euro is the most frequently exchanged currency at our exchange office. You can find everything about this currency on our website in the Euro tab.

Swiss franc exchange rate
In our country, mortgage loans are denominated in Swiss francs, which is why the exchange rate of this currency is particularly closely monitored and any increase or decrease is widely commented on. In our currency exchange office, we also purchase banknotes that are not in circulation, we are especially looking for CHF.

Czech koruna exchange rate
All information about the currency of our southern neighbors and the current exchange rate can be found on the subpage by clicking on the main table, we invite you to exchange - always attractive prices.

British pound exchange rate
It is one of the more expensive currencies and is also very often exchanged in our premises.

US dollar exchange rate
By analyzing the information provided by the National Bank of Poland, we determine the current exchange rate of the US dollar. The given price is a preliminary proposal for negotiations and the final price depends on the current state of the stock exchange. You will find a lot of interesting information about this currency on the subpage