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Hurt Amount
euro euroEUR 4.281004.30000
dollar dollarUSD 3.720003.74900
british pound british poundGBP 4.842004.88800
czech koruna czech korunaCZK 0.164800.16640
swiss franc swiss francCHF 3.731003.70000
hungarian forint hungarian forintHUF 0.013060.01328
australian dollar australian dollarAUD 2.654002.67800
canadian dollar canadian dollarCAD 2.851002.88400
bulgarian lev bulgarian levBGN 2.192002.25000
norwegian krona norwegian kronaNOK 0.447000.45400
danish krone danish kroneDKK 0.573100.57940
israeli shekel israeli shekelILS 1.000001.03700
japanese yen japanese yenJPY 0.033500.03480
thai baht thai bahtTHB 0.114500.12550
swedish krona swedish kronaSEK 0.412000.41600
turkish lira turkish liraTRY 0.606500.66300
croatian kuna croatian kunaHRK 0.550000.58600
ukrainian hryvnia ukrainian hryvniaUAH 0.134000.13800
DETAL negotiate the price
euro euroEUR 4.240004.34000
dollar dollarUSD 3.660003.76000
british pound british poundGBP 4.820004.92000
czech koruna czech korunaCZK 0.164500.16850
swiss franc swiss francCHF 3.729003.76900
hungarian forint hungarian forintHUF 0.012900.01340
australian dollar australian dollarAUD 2.635002.67700
canadian dollar canadian dollarCAD 2.830002.87400
bulgarian lev bulgarian levBGN 2.190002.25000
norwegian krona norwegian kronaNOK 0.444000.45500
chinese yuan chinese yuanCNY 0.530000.57500
danish krone danish kroneDKK 0.562000.57950
israeli shekel israeli shekelILS 1.002001.03500
japanese yen japanese yenJPY 0.033200.03440
thai baht thai bahtTHB 0.114000.12600
romanian leu romanian leuRON 0.908000.94800
russian ruble russian rubleRUB 0.055600.05740
swedish krona swedish kronaSEK 0.407000.41700
turkish lira turkish liraTRY 0.641000.69900
croatian kuna croatian kunaHRK 0.538000.58800
ukrainian hryvnia ukrainian hryvniaUAH 0.136000.14560
egyptian pound egyptian poundEGP 0.175000.27000
mexican peso mexican pesoMXN 0.185000.24000
pound scots pound scotsSCP 4.640004.86000
dominican peso dominican pesoDOP 0.069000.09000
albanian lek albanian lekALL 0.032000.04400
hong kong dollar hong kong dollarHKD 0.435000.48000
indian rupee indian rupeeINR 0.044000.05500
brazilian real brazilian realBRL 0.920001.08000
kenyan shilling kenyan shillingKES 0.032000.04060
mauritian rupee mauritian rupeeMUR 0.099000.12500
philippine peso philippine pesoPHP 0.063000.08800
qatar riyal qatar riyalQAR 0.960001.03500
vietnamese dong vietnamese dongVND 0.000140.00021
taiwan dollar taiwan dollarTWD 0.080000.12700
tunisian dinar tunisian dinarTND 0.720001.90000
seychelles rupee seychelles rupeeSCR 0.200000.42000
moldovan leu moldovan leuMDL 0.100000.28000
peruvian sol peruvian solPEN 1.080001.26000
omani rial omani rialOMR 8.000009.99000
bosnia-herzegovina mark bosnia-herzegovina markBAM 2.170002.35500
irish pound irish poundIEP 4.260004.84000
saudi riyal saudi riyalSAR 0.935001.05000
jordanian dinar jordanian dinarJOD 4.900005.70000
new zealand dollar new zealand dollarNZD 2.400002.65000
kuwaiti dinar kuwaiti dinarKWD 8.0000014.00000
south korean won south korean wonKRW 0.003000.00375
malaysian ringgit malaysian ringgitMYR 0.800001.05000
south african rand south african randZAR 0.220000.30500
jamaican dollar jamaican dollarJMD 0.017000.04600
uae dirham uae dirhamAED 0.985001.03000
cuban peso cuban pesoCUC 3.000004.80000
singapore dollar singapore dollarSGD 2.600002.79500
macedonian denar macedonian denarMKD 0.069000.08400
kazakhstani tenge kazakhstani tengeKZT 0.009000.01110
colombian peso colombian pesoCOP 0.001000.00150
serbian dinar serbian dinarRSD 0.035100.04150
icelandic krona icelandic kronaISK 0.029700.03500
indonesian rupiah indonesian rupiahIDR 0.000200.00028
chilean peso chilean pesoCLP 0.004600.00680
belarusian ruble belarusian rubleBYN 1.680001.87000
georgian lari georgian lariGEL 1.380001.70000
moroccan dirham moroccan dirhamMAD 0.390000.46400
brunei dollar brunei dollarBND 2.200003.00000
bahraini dinar bahraini dinarBHD 8.0000011.00000
barbados dollar barbados dollarBBD 1.150002.10000
euro euroEUR 3.000004.30000
dollar dollarUSD 3.300003.80000
british pound british poundGBP 3.500004.85000
czech koruna czech korunaCZK 0.100000.16880
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