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afghan afghani afghan afghani AFN0.03150.0706
algerian dinar algerian dinar DZD0.02440.0514
angolan kwanza angolan kwanza AOA0.00580.0149
saudi riyal saudi riyal SAR1.00001.2700
argentine peso argentine peso ARS0.02000.0590
armenian dram armenian dram AMD0.00700.0140
aruban florin aruban florin AWG1.84392.7328
azerbaijani manat azerbaijani manat AZN2.00002.9900
belize dollar belize dollar BSD4.49934.0064
bahraini dinar bahraini dinar BHD8.248915.7624
bangladeshi taka bangladeshi taka BDT0.02020.0608
barbadian dollar barbadian dollar BBD1.63743.2412
belize dollar belize dollar BZD1.92832.2534
bosnia-herzegovina mark bosnia-herzegovina mark BAM2.38002.6500
bolivian boliviano bolivian boliviano BOB0.47540.6954
botswana pula botswana pula BWP0.17830.4306
brazilian real brazilian real BRL0.81001.0600
brunei dollar brunei dollar BND2.80654.8065
burundian franc burundian franc BIF0.00100.0030
CFP franc CFP franc XPF0.02840.0434
chilean peso chilean peso CLP0.00370.0065
dominican peso dominican peso DOP0.08000.1100
djiboutian franc djiboutian franc DJF0.01530.0344
egyptian pound egyptian pound EGP0.18000.3300
swazi lilangeni swazi lilangeni SZL0.14550.3595
ethiopian birr ethiopian birr ETB0.11080.1416
fijian dollar fijian dollar FJD1.32792.1114
philippine peso philippine peso PHP0.06500.0990
cfa franc XAF cfa franc XAF XAF0.00450.0082
dalasi gambia dalasi gambia GMD0.04860.0756
ghanaian cedi ghanaian cedi GHS0.21630.7933
guyanese dollar guyanese dollar GYD0.01880.0221
antillean guilder antillean guilder ANG1.87952.8730
guatemalan quetzal guatemalan quetzal GTQ0.48870.6395
guinean franc guinean franc (100) GNF0.03300.0529
honduran lempira honduran lempira HNL0.14870.1751
Hong Kong dollar Hong Kong dollar HKD0.50000.6400
indian rupee indian rupee INR0.04000.0690
indonesian rupiah indonesian rupiah (100) IDR0.02500.0370
iranian rial iranian rial (100) IRR0.00760.0101
jamaican dollar jamaican dollar JMD0.02000.1000
yemeni rial yemeni rial YER0.01200.0180
jordanian dinar jordanian dinar JOD6.20007.5000
cambodian riel cambodian riel KHR0.00050.0019
qatari riyal qatari riyal QAR1.00001.4600
kazakhstani tenge kazakhstani tenge KZT0.00500.0190
kenyan shilling kenyan shilling KES0.03200.0600
kyrgyzstani som kyrgyzstani som KGS0.04120.0655
colombian peso colombian peso COP0.00100.0020
congolese franc congolese franc CDF0.00200.0026
South Korean won South Korean won (100) KRW0.30000.4500
Costa Rican colón Costa Rican colón CRC0.00400.0100
kuwaiti dinar kuwaiti dinar KWD9.500015.5000
Lao kip Lao kip LAK0.00020.0004
lesotho loti lesotho loti LSL0.22820.2702
lebanese pound lebanese pound LBP0.00140.0043
libyan dinar libyan dinar LYD0.90681.8992
macedonian denar macedonian denar MKD0.07000.0945
malagasy ariary malagasy ariary MGA0.00070.0013
macanese pataca macanese pataca MOP0.33680.4921
malawian kwacha malawian kwacha MWK0.00390.0049
maldivian rufiyaa maldivian rufiyaa MVR0.23000.4000
malaysian ringgit malaysian ringgit MYR0.80001.1700
moroccan dirham moroccan dirham MAD0.37000.5900
mauritian rupee mauritian rupee MUR0.06000.1600
myanmar kyat myanmar kyat MMK0.00170.0024
moldovan leu moldovan leu MDL0.15000.2700
mongolian tögrög mongolian tögrög MNT0.00080.0016
mozambican metical mozambican metical MZN0.05410.1038
namibian dollar namibian dollar NAD0.20150.2628
nepalese rupee nepalese rupee NPR0.02200.0425
nicaraguan córdoba nicaraguan córdoba NIO0.07600.1371
New Zealand dollar New Zealand dollar NZD2.55003.0500
omani rial omani rial OMR8.500013.9000
pakistani rupee pakistani rupee PKR0.01170.0249
paraguayan guaraní paraguayan guaraní (1000) PYG0.58000.6900
peruvian sol peruvian sol PEN1.10001.4000
south african rand south african rand ZAR0.20000.3500
rwandan franc rwandan franc RWF0.00320.0051
cape verdean escudo cape verdean escudo CVE0.03600.0570
serbian dinar serbian dinar RSD0.03500.0490
seychellois rupee seychellois rupee SCR0.30000.4500
singapore dollar singapore dollar SGD2.90003.6500
Sri Lankan rupee Sri Lankan rupee LKR0.00600.0300
syrian pound syrian pound SYP0.00070.0027
tajikistani somoni tajikistani somoni TJS0.43410.4594
taiwan dollar taiwan dollar TWD0.09000.2000
tanzanian shilling tanzanian shilling TZS0.00110.0030
tongan paʻanga tongan paʻanga TOP1.35771.8418
tunisian dinar tunisian dinar TTD0.42270.7512
tunisian dinar tunisian dinar TND1.40001.6500
ugandan shilling ugandan shilling UGX0.00050.0017
uruguayan peso uruguayan peso UYU0.05660.2066
uzbekistani som uzbekistani som UZS0.00030.0005
vanuatu vatu vanuatu vatu VUV0.02720.0404
vietnamese dong vietnamese dong (100) VND0.01700.0300
Eastern Caribbean dollar Eastern Caribbean dollar XCD1.25981.9598
Solomon Islands dollar Solomon Islands dollar SBD0.45200.5820
zambian kwacha zambian kwacha ZMW0.16150.4676
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World Currencies

Currently, in almost every country in the world, currency is the official tender. There are countries where you can find several currencies in circulation. Each currency has a unique appearance, division into units, size, and material of manufacture and anti-counterfeiting safeguards.

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